It's Home, Delivered.

Dart Dorm is Dartmouth's student-run dorm furnishing rental service. We make moving in and out 100% hassle free and environmentally friendly, while also making dorm rooms and off-campus apartments more like home. We rent the most comfortable, deluxe full-sized beds and futons on campus and deliver them right to your door! We'll take apart that uncomfortable college supplied twin XL, assemble your new full bed, and then store the old one underneath. Let’s make your dorm or apartment THE place to be.

Dart Dorm. It's Home, Delivered.

How It Works



Order online using Paypal.



We bring your furniture right to your room to make moving in hassle-free.



At the end of the term we come back and pick up your furniture. Easy. If you have any more questions, check out our FAQ page.

Sustainability & Quality

Dart Dorm is committed to operating an environmentally sustainable business. At the end of the school year, discarded furniture litters college campuses, and ultimately ends up at the landfill. Renting a bed or futon from Dart Dorm ensures that students receive high quality furniture without all the waste. Do yourself and the environment a favor and rent from Dart Dorm.



The futon is a staple of any college dorm room, offering both comfortable seating and the option to convert to a bed when needed. The Dart Dorm futon comes with a solid steel or wood frame, an eight-inch seamless mattress, and a comfortable washable cover.


Available Frames:
Solid Steel or Wood.



71" x 36" x 31" (when upright).




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Full Beds


Your bed is your home base in college, your constant that starts and ends each and every day. Why settle for a twin XL when you can have the superior comfort of your own full-sized bed. Our premium 9” mattress will ensure a comfortable and restful sleep each night.

What's Included:
- 9" plush mattress and 8" or Low Profile box spring
- A soft mattress cover (keeps comfort in & nasty things out)
- A metal frame that looks good in any room
- A set of Bed Risers
- Width (side to side): 54"
- Length (head to toe): 75"

We are open for 18X!

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Check out our FAQ page for more information on Dart Dorm!

About Us

Dart Dorm is made up of Alain Carles, Arun Anand, Billy McGrath, Brandon Teixeira, David Pepper, Jack Smul, Jackson Baur, Ketav Patel, Leyton Johnston, Oliver von Trapp, Peter Pellett, and Yifei Yan. Twelve college kids, just like you. And just like you, we know that our dorm rooms are our homes away from home. After our freshman fall was filled with uncomfortable school chairs, overpriced and uncomfortable k-mart futons, and narrow college beds, we decided to do something about it. Dart Dorm is that something. Dart Dorm offers the solution to a cold, uncomfortable room with cozy futons and confortable full sized beds. They're the perfect addition to any room! Dart Dorm - It's home, delivered.


Don't hesitate to ask! Send us a message at and we'll get right back to you! Thanks!